HAPPY NEW YEAR (01,10,20)

It's a new year. 2020. Many things have changed and many things have stayed the same. There isn't too much to talk about other than the fact that Bullet-Biter is doing incredibly well on streaming platforms and for that - I thank everyone who has spread the word.

This site is empty and I would love some time to update it, but I genuinely feel no one uses websites anymore, so the easiest and most convenient thing to do is keep up on your social media sites. Ugh. Alas...

In case you are reading this and have not listened to my new album (pictured above), it's out there, readily available, and incredibly funny. I am immensely proud of it and I think you'll have a mix of laughs, cringe, and uncontrollable pants-pissing good times! Click the link below to pick your poison!

Listen to Bullet-Biter NOW!

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