The Light at the End of the Tunnel...?  - (11,22,20)

2020 is still taking lives left & right, we have a new President-Elect and I'm still chugging along with editing projects and pumping out podcast episodes.

Speaking of, there's a new one right over there! Down and to the right! T.J. Miller is a guest on "This Better Be Good." You can click those words to listen to it, or click that video to watch. It's a pretty great episode, if I do say so myself - and I do.

"The Kerrit Podcast" is running concurrently with the sister-podcast "Something Serial." Click those words because you're only able to listen to the latest episodes (The Kerrit is an extended version of Something Serial and this season is all about the original Batman anthology) due to a copyright SNAFU with YouTube. If you want to head over there and subscribe so you're alerted to the moment those episodes are active, be my guest -


Thanks for taking the time to read this. My album / special are still out there. They will be until the internet explodes. Enjoy all the content.