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The Light at the End of the Tunnel...?  - (11,22,20)

2020 is still taking lives left & right, we have a new President-Elect and I'm still chugging along with editing projects and pumping out podcast episodes.

Speaking of, there's a new one right over there! Down and to the right! T.J. Miller is a guest on "This Better Be Good." You can click those words to listen to it, or click that video to watch. It's a pretty great episode, if I do say so myself - and I do.

"The Kerrit Podcast" is running concurrently with the sister-podcast "Something Serial." Click those words because you're only able to listen to the latest episodes (The Kerrit is an extended version of Something Serial and this season is all about the original Batman anthology) due to a copyright SNAFU with YouTube. If you want to head over there and subscribe so you're alerted to the moment those episodes are active, be my guest -


Thanks for taking the time to read this. My album / special are still out there. They will be until the internet explodes. Enjoy all the content.

No End in Sight - (10,16,20)

Whelp. The world is still turning, everything is still awful, and for the foreseeable future, I will still be kept off the stand-up stage. Everything is digital (for me, at least), and I have put more effort into pressing CDs of my albums and podcasts. Links can be found in the bio section.

I have a special to the right and the latest episode of "The Kerrit Podcast" to the left.


slight RETURN - (09,01,20)

Pre-orders are now available for the album recorded during lockdown in Grand Rapids, MI. Dr. Grins opened its doors for a couple weekends and closed down again due to rising cases (shocker).

The album is a snapshot into what this hectic time has been. Head here for links to the companion special on YouTube and to pre-order on the platforms available so far.

slight RETURN


It's abhorrently obvious by now that the we've all been affected by the current pandemic. I have had countless shows cancelled because of it. I have some projects in the works, but nothing seems to fill the void.


For the first week (or second week; I can't remember now), I posted a weekly video of my stand-up every day on my social media platforms and YouTube. So, new video & content - YAY!


As for the podcast realm, both This Better Be Good and The Kerrit Podcast have been in full swing.

A link for everything is right here -

Stay safe and healthy.


HAPPY NEW YEAR (01,10,20)

It's a new year. 2020. Many things have changed and many things have stayed the same. There isn't too much to talk about other than the fact that Bullet-Biter is doing incredibly well on streaming platforms and for that - I thank everyone who has spread the word.

This site is empty and I would love some time to update it, but I genuinely feel no one uses websites anymore, so the easiest and most convenient thing to do is keep up on your social media sites. Ugh. Alas...

In case you are reading this and have not listened to my new album (pictured above), it's out there, readily available, and incredibly funny. I am immensely proud of it and I think you'll have a mix of laughs, cringe, and uncontrollable pants-pissing good times! Click the link below to pick your poison!

Listen to Bullet-Biter NOW!


BULLET-BITER (12,05,19)

The site has been updated. New album is coming soon (December 20th, to be exact). The cover is above, and your eyes are reading this right now. For that, I thank you! Pre-sales will be available December 13th on Apple Music.


Love you! XOXO!


NEW DATES (04,01,19)

Hey folks (or folk - I guess I should assume it's one person heading here at a time). The website has been updated slightly, with additional dates. Head over to that section to see where I'll be.

More updates to come! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy some videos while you're here. Below is the new promo for my upcoming album. Click play - ya know ya wanna.



Firstly, I would like to thank you for heading to my website.


Secondly, I would like to apologize for the mess.


I am currently updating this thing, so hang tight, and you'll see some wonderful new content I have been working on. Head over to the page marked "The Archive" at the top to check out the past, so you're prepared for ...


ThE fUtUrE!!!!


It's really not that impressive. Just, new. Futuristic means new I guess, so there's that.

Thanks for stopping by.


IT'S BEEN AWHILE (03,06,18)

Hey there, congregator to my website. Sadly, life always gets in the way, and this thing has not been updated in quite some time. As of this writing, some dates have been added, the photo gallery has been updated, new video clips are available for your perusal, and I am still alive! Enjoy the site, don't worry, be happy, hippie bs. Love you.


REFLECTIONS ON 2015 (12,09,15)

Well, 2015 has definitely been a year. I've been able to travel all over, experience city life in New York, apartment hunt, lose residence in an apartment, meet a ton of amazing new people, get a job, drink almost every night and force myself to take it slower now. Friends of mine and I would get together and jam in a barn, ergo, I released our music under the group "The Barn." We released two albums ("Sessions" & "Shifted") of just some good ol' fun goof-around stuff on Soundcloud. Check it out. It's exceptional.


Of course, I released my album "Perspective" on Bandcamp. As time goes on, I am really focusing on working that new hour of material. It's getting easier but at first, I just had no idea where to start. I am still proud of that disc. Well. Album. It'll be a disc when I get the money to press it. AND I WILL NOT DO A GOFUNDME.


Here's a sample track --

Right now, I am in Boca Raton, Florida. I have three weekends of shows and during the weeks, I am hitting as many open mics as possible to generate this new hour. I am loving it, and hating it. But I think that's what spurs good art, no?


My year is ending with some great headliners and great shows. Dec. 10-12, I will be at Belushi's Comedy Club in Fort Myers, FL with Christian Finnegan. Dec. 26th, I will be at Comedy on State in Madison, WI with Kevin Farley (which I am very excited about).


To all my hometown friends, I will be filling in as emcee at my home club, Dr. Grins Comedy Club, New Year's weekend with Mike Green.




Driving Miss Blue (05,17,15)

Boy oh boy, have I been busy...


These past couple of months have taken me from New York City to San Antonio, Texas. A Megabus from NYC to Chicago and from Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan finally got me to my car in March. I came to Grand Rapids for Gilda's LaughFest - a place where I would get up onstage upwards of twenty times in ten days. Also in front of some of the smartest audiences and some of the drunkest audiences I have ever encountered.


After LaughFest, I travelled to Wisconsin - not a bad drive. The craziest distance was when I drove twenty hours to Texas. Fantastic experience and I finally built up the gusto to steal breakfast from Holiday Inn's across the country. You can bet your life I will keep doing that to save some bread on the road.


The day I returned was the day I recorded my debut album, "Perspective" at Louie's in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Editing has commenced and it will be out by the end of the summer, 2015.


Livonia & Lansing, Michigan and Merrillville, Indiana were some other stops I made to tell jokes. After my string of road gigs, I drove to New York city for the Laughing Devil Festival and had a blast.


My partner in crime on this latest trip though? My wonderful, ferocious little Velociraptor, "Blue." We'll be heading back to Grand Rapids to perform at Dr. Grins Comedy Club. It is my home club, and I am very excited to return for the weekend. Then it's Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. Blue and I will be stealing all the breakfast.




Bio & Dates - UPDATED (01/16/15)

Head on over to the Bio section to see my incredibly short autobiography. We call it a "Bio" in the business to give this illusion that we're important enough to have someone write it. NOT THE CASE.


Also, feel free to check out the Dates section. I will be hopping around this wonderful nation of ours in the coming months. Find out where I'll be!


Traveling (12/24/14)

I miss New York City. I moved there in October of this year and for the past couple of weeks, I have been in Michigan, my home-state. Catching up with old friends, performing on familiar stages and the like have consumed my time here. It's been fun. It's been whimsical in a way - almost like it's not real.

Already after a couple of months, NYC feels like my home now. I cannot wait to return and see the new friends and comic companions I've made. January will be when I go back. Can't wait.


Also, welcome to the website. It's not finished and I'm still working on it, but hey -- ya gotta be patient.

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