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Growing up in various small towns outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gerrit Elzinga had nowhere else to turn besides stand-up comedy. At 14, he began writing and performing around school in classrooms and at talent shows. Upon graduating, he frequented local comedy clubs, bars, restaurants and any other location with a microphone to craft his jokes. Social commentary, clever observations, and personal stories are featured throughout Gerrit Elzinga's act. 


As a latch-key kid, he would come home from school and watch hours of comedy, filling his mind with the jokes of Bill Hicks and George Carlin. As time went on, his tastes didn't change, but his palate grew - meeting and working with many more comics that inspired him to grow as a performer. Stewart Huff, Dan Cummins and Chad Daniels come to one's mind.

Gerrit has been seen on Laughs on FOX, at Gilda's LaughFest in Grand Rapids, MI opening for Nate Bargatze, competing in the Laughing Devil Comedy Festival in New York City, is the cohost of "The Kerrit Podcast (w/ KEvin & geRRIT)" and "This Better Be Good Podcast (w/ Mike Logan & Gerrit Elzinga)."

To date, he has released three comedy albums. "Perspective," was recorded and released in 2015, while his sophomore LP entitled, "Bullet-Biter: The Emcee Sessions,” was recorded between 2016 and 2019 - its year of release. His latest effort is called, "Slight Return," which was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic at a socially distanced comedy club.

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